I wanted to create a page for clients for resources including books and authors, podcasts etc which I recommend and which clients have recommended. I will add more resources in due course (September 2023)


Sarah Hendrickx – Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum (and other titles)

Dr Devon Price – Unmasking Autism

Dr Luke Beardon – many titles


Square Peg

Vagus Nerve Ear Massage

For stress and anxiety relief with Sukie Baxter

Grounding-techniques 0920

  • “I just wanted you to know how much you have helped me. I will miss the sessions, I do feel I can move on. Thank you.”
  • Your skills have got the best out of our sessions and your gentle encouragement has enabled me to be on the right road. I really cannot thank you enough for the journey you have enabled me to take. You have eased a lot of the pain that I was experiencing. I feel I have moved from a place of unrest to a place of greater understanding and things are beginning to calm. You have empowered me to move forward.”
  • “I was very nervous and anxious about having counselling again due to bad previous experiences however, my sessions with Sue were not only 100% professional but understanding, thought provoking, emotional in a positive way. I felt I could trust Sue and she made me feel significant and listened to”.  
  • “Thank you so much for all the sessions. They have had a profoundly positive effect on me.”

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